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TLO12SF semi-automatic slack winder

Uses TL012SF type grooved type slack winder for cotton, chemical fiber blend, wool and chemical fiber yarn winding bobbin and tube into a cone or cylinder-shaped soft cheese, for the use of high temperature and pressure dyeing.

The main specifications of the machine ▲ machine types: double-sided grooved, single spindle automatic control.
▲ n = number of spindles: 12,24,36,48,60,72,84.
▲ network spindles distance: 370 mm.
▲ network speed spindles: 300-1200 meters.
▲ winder range: cotton, wool, rayon, polyester and so on.
▲ bobbin form: straight, cone, [plastic tube, metal tube]
▲ grooved specifications: metal grooved or bakelite Caotong Φ80 mm 2 laps equidistant.
▲ motor power: 0.09KW.
About twister is a multi-strand twisted into a surge of textile spinning machinery. Role is to close the post-ply yarn or products processed into linear products, for weaving and knitting with wire. Twister body composition and circuit sections including connected external body twister spindles and motor output shaft part of the circuit, the front spindles with en pieces corresponding to the tap changer.

Twister apply to: cotton yarn, cotton, chemical fiber fiber, embroidery thread, nylon, polyester, rayon, sewing thread, silk, glass fiber twisting, partnership projects.

Feeding mode twister: flat tube feeding pure twisting frame or cone feed and twisting frame and Cheese or pagoda yarn (wooden bobbin or carton tube) feeding, pure twisting frame.

The first twister tools: 1955 Xi'an Banpo Banpo unearthed unearthed spinning wheel, is the first invention of ancient China twisting tool that hole in the middle of the spinning wheel insert a rod, rotate the use of the spinning wheel fibers twisted together, and use the same method to synthesize a single strand of fiber strands of more robust "line."

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